Monday, 19 August 2013

Photo Shoot day

I've been crazy busy with work recently, but luckily I love my job so it's not so bad! I was organising a photo shoot for the salon I work in (Canvass Hair Design), & it went really well thankfully :). The pictures will be displayed around the salon, clients always love seeing how creative we can be! 
We had a great team working together, with my friend Jonathan Tollan as photographer, 2 very talented make-up artists & a stunning bunch of models! (All names/credits will be listed under pics, and on my Facebook page). The overall theme was vintage - which covered a wide variety of looks, from rockabilly to more classic looks, & the pictures look amazing :) 
This is a wee sample of my mood board for the day
I worked with 3 models on the day, my friends Craig and Lesley, who have both modelled for me before, & 'Debay de Lux' - a very glamorous multi talented Club Noir performer, tattoo apprentice & over all lovely girl! 
Craig was our only male model for the day, and I went for quite a classic look with him - I straightened out his curly hair which killed me 'cause I love curls.. but it suited the overall look better. 
Lesley has the most incredible mane, & is the perfect hair model. First of all I set Lesley's hair in rollers, & she posed with a vintage teacup & saucer. Then I styled her hair in to a tousled beehive, adding a lilac ribbon for some of the pictures. We went for a really classic, sophisticated look, with soft, pastel tones. I had recently bought a mint green mini dress from Missguided that we used for the shoot & worked perfectly!
For Debay we went with an edgier Rockabilly look, to make the most of her own style, she has amazing tattoos that worked really well with what we were doing! I curled all of Debay's hair with a large set of tongs, with two victory rolls through the front - one larger than the other. For some of the pictures I had Debay posing with a milkshake that looked really cute! Then we had a quick costume change (all Debay's lovely clothes) & I got Debay to hop up on to one of our tables & do some proper pin up style posing, which didn't phase her one bit haha :)
The pics are currently being edited, so I will post them up soon!
Overall it was a very successful day, with a great bunch of people & made me really excited to get back in to shooting more! I had a minor operation on my hand in May, so that was my first shoot in a few months while I recovered from that, & I definitely have the bug again :) 
Oh & I got beautiful flowers from my lovely boss as a thank you for organising the day which was a lovely added bonus!
If you fancy checking out my work, I have a Facebook page with all my hairdressing pics you can view here :
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