Sunday, 15 September 2013

Every day is Roald Dahl day!

Growing up I loved reading, I would read a book a day easily, & my absolute favourite was Roald Dahl. Everything he done, I was mesmerized by. I couldn't possibly pick a favourite.. Matilda /  The BFG / Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.. they're all genius! It was Roald Dahl's birthday on Friday, so I thought it was worth giving such an inspirational man a mention :) 
Even reading over his stories now, there's so many lovely messages throughout them. They're totally timeless & there's something for everyone to learn from them! He seemed to be a very lovely, positive man, one of my favourite quotes of his is from the book "The Twits"

I think that's such a beautiful message - for both kids & adults! I would love the chance to visit the Roald Dahl Museum to see the writing hut he built specially as a place for him to go & write. It would be incredible to have your own private creative space cut off from the world, definitely a little dream of mine :) I can totally understand the need for a space like this, I love writing, drawing, painting & just all things creative really.. but I kind of struggle to chill out & get in the zone when I'm just sitting on the couch hunched over the coffee table or sitting on the bedroom floor.. I always feel much more inspired sitting out doors but, well, I live in Scotland. So that doesn't happen often!

Peace & Love,

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